Hi Dr. Kris. My cat has had kidney disease for two years. She had a serious infection back then that caused the complete loss of function in one of her kidneys, which has since shrunken. The urine specific gravity is low and her BUN and Creatinine are elevated.

In addition, she continues to have recurring bacteria infection. E. Coli has been identified. My cat has switched to up to four different antibiotics. At first they are effective, but then they become resistant to them.

The vet had recommended low dose Doxycycline once daily, which resulted in a negative infection at first, but three months later this antibiotic is now resistant. The vet is prescribing another antibiotic and we will retest her urine in two weeks.

My vet said that there is a possibility that the bacteria may be so embedded in the inner lining matrix of the bladder, such that it would be difficult for any antibiotic to get rid of. Can you let me know your thoughts on this? Thank you.


The question becomes where is the nidus of infection.

Where is it hiding or originating from.

Urine culture and sensitivity is useful, but you can also talk to your vet about using a combination of ultrasound and fine needle aspirate to "Sherlock Holmes" what is going on within those kidneys and bladder!

Good luck,

Dr. Kris