Our cats tap into something within us. There is a connection.

Some people tell me that the relationship with their cat is the longest one they’ve ever had. I’ve heard from so many people that their pets knew that they were going through some kind of illness or stress, and they helped them through it. For some of you, your cats have helped your kids through a divorce.

Your cat can be a light that never goes out.

zack and maddie

So it’s not surprising that in the face of an illness that could rob years of your cat’s life, the thought of letting your cat down is devastating to you.

It’s just not an option.

Yet sometimes, when you try and treat your cat’s illness, a crucial part of your plan doesn't work out.

You’ve done everything you were supposed to do in order to give medications or SQ fluids to your cat, but it’s not working.

Your cat is completely rejecting the pill, capsule, liquid or SQ fluids that you need to give to make them better. It’s a horrible fight to get it into your cat and you start to feel hopeless.

What are you supposed to do, especially if your cat has a long term issue, and he’s supposed to be on this medication for life?

My name is Dr. Kris Chandroo. I’ve spent decades dedicated to the study of animal welfare and behaviour, and I’ve met thousands of people over the years who are joined at the hip with their cats - their cat has become part of their family, part of their identity. And I’m here to help.

How can you turn this situation around for your cat?