Q: Hi! I've searched far and wide on the Internet for someone who has had a similar problem, but no one seems to have had one. My cat is an outside cat and there is this other cat from the neighborhood that keeps coming and attacking him. It has literally even torn a piece of skin off. It comes and attacks him (and only him, because we have another cat and it doesn't seem to have much of an issue with him) for no reason whatsoever.

At first I thought that it came because of food, but I have found it attacking him multiple times even when there was no food in the vicinity. On top of that it isn't even remotely scared if I or another family member comes out to chase it off. It just runs away right out of reach and then just stares at you as if to say that it has outsmarted you or something.

I don't understand why this is happening. I don't even know if this other cat is male or female... if that even makes a difference in situations like these. Do you have any explanation about this or any solution?

Thanks so much in advance.

14 years ago I was in school, and there was this big “clinic cat” that used to roam the property. Clients would drive up, and this cat would puff himself out, walk purposefully and confidently towards people getting out of their cars. He wasn't always friendly, and he was showing him who was boss.

He didn't do it to everyone. He would pick and choose his victims.

You count really chase him off - he was confident and driven. He was territorial and establishing / maintaining his turf.

Cat’s will do this.

Now, it might seem like it’s no reason whatsoever that this his happening to your cat. But that’s rarely the case.

If you multiplied your sense of smell a thousand times, and perceived the world according to their eyes, you would be privy to the conversation going on with these cats that spend time outside. There is a whole world of interactions...check this out:

Start there by watching that, get more ideas into what you are facing. Then you'll be in a better place to know what next step will work for you.

Dr. Kris