Interesting - how to we enrich the experience of a declawed cat? Especially if they don’t know they are declawed and still want to perform all the behaviours that claws can provide? My first approach might be to enrich the your home and cat toys in ways that maximizes what your cat still has. So you are taking what is already good, and making it even better. And this could be very emotionally satisfying for your cat.  

Olfactory (the sense of smell) is huge. So much of their world is accessed via those oflactory lobes and vomeronasal organ. Much of their conscious experience is via smell. See this stuff? Silvervine?

Im filming a video right now about how to use this to enrich their environment (and also how to reduce fear or increase appetite with it). You could sprinkle or infuse toys or a horizontal scratcher with this. Or catnip (which only works on about 50% of cats - silvervine will work on more of them). Even without claws, encouraging that type of behaviour will let them stretch their muscles, leave their scent and satisfy some of their emotional needs.

You can stimulate your cat’s visual systems: fishing rod type toys are great, because you can make things move in and out of your cats field of view, which activates prey drive and motivates them to move! Even if they can’t catch it with the aid of the claws (they will still use their mouth though), it will be emotionally valuable.

We can’t get the claws back, but we can enhance what is still there! Use combinations of their other senses, and you might like what you see!

Dr. K