My cat who is probably 13 years of age now has developed these random scabs around her neck and under her chin area. She's very attached to her surroundings and I had only taken her to the vets once when she was younger, so trying to avoid this.

I have used antiseptic drops on the "scab" (leucillin) but doesn't seem to heal. I thought it may be a allergic reaction so have stopped giving her cheesy treats however it's still getting worse.

Her diet is the same she only eats dry biscuits. I'm confused to what it may be, can you please shed some light on this? I think it may be itchy for her as she scratches on it and looks sore.

P.S. amazing thing your doing here, please keep it up! Hope to hear from you soon.


Here is the deal with skin:

Skin is monotone and repetitive.

No matter was is going on on top or underneath it, skin has only so many ways to react to a situation. And it will do so over and over again, in that same pattern, no matter the underlying issue.

So, there are so many things that will make skin look like it does on your cat - but it really is one of those things that if you want the best for your cat, you need to know who is driving the bus.


But maybe you are avoiding the vet for a few reasons. Your cat doesn't like to travel, and it makes both of you anxious.  I get it. It can be uncomfortable.

Sometimes a scab is just a scab. Sometimes it's not, so it's worth it to find a vet you are comfortable with and that shares your philosophy.

Good luck!

Dr. Kris