Give SQ fluids like a pro (and save your cat)

Let’s imagine for a moment that you are handed a needle, thread and a pattern. As in like sewing a tweed jacket. Do you sew the collar this way? The elbow patches on that way? What material is better for the shell? Do you need to line the fabric? Will the Singer up in the attic work or do I need a new Husqvarna Viking? Do you need the type of pins with a bobby on them? For God's sake does my pattern require stretch stitches? How do you know if this whole thing is going to turn out (FYI I know absolutely nothing about making clothes)?

Are you fashioning the finest SQ fluid experience and getting the job done, or will you make an unholy, unfashionable mess that is too short at the cuff? Is there a wrong way to give SQ fluids? Is what works for your cat different than what works for other cats? Can you give fluids while a 3 month old baby is strapped on to you (I'm not kidding)? What if your cat takes to it differently at home than he did in the clinic? Can you hurt him by giving these fluids?

Watch this video and conquer the fear of giving SQ fluids. It is a starting point that will put you far ahead of the curve.

If you are already at home with all this equipment, then you already know why you are giving these fluids (the various reasons to give SQ fluids will be covered in upcoming posts).

If the whole concept of giving SQ fluids to your cat is new to you, then you now have more essential knowledge to stick in the memory banks for when issues or accidents happen to your cat. You know in advance what is possible. So if a problem arises, you go to your vet and during the exam say “so doc, will giving SQ fluids help here. Cause if it can, I'm up for task.” Knowing to ask about this technique can increase your success out of some sticky situations (we will go over those in future posts).

I want to hear from you. Do you have a cat that you think could benefit from something like this? Do you wish you knew about this sort of technique earlier? Put your answers in the comments or email me at I read every one.