I've been treating my cat for kidney failure for 14 months now and I believe she has arthritis. She is also diabetic and 18 years old. I would like to try something to help her arthritis and I thought that metacam was not good for cats with kidney failure especially third stage?

I thought buprinex was a better choice? She has been on Zobaline, and glucosamine chondroiton supplements as well as hyluronic acid. As well as fluids. However. In the past couple of weeks I realize she doesn't need as much fluids I used give her 60 mill twice a day now she's down to 30 mill twice a day but she's not moving around very much either.

I lowered her fluid intake because of the fact she seemed like she was retaining fluids. I haven't had her back to the vet in 14 months as he pretty much gave her a death sentence when we were there.. Anyway any input would be appreciated.

Thanks again,


Hi Diana.

Yes, adjust their fluids to their needs - good job.

And amazing job balancing everything out. The challenge I here will be to find a vet who is on the same page as you. Who wants to treat little Angel with you.

Then, there are many options that can open up.

See this video with Zack - and watch the parts about buprenorphine and gabapentin:


Those could be good options that you make together with your vet team!

In regards to Metacam (or any NSAID), there are some cats who are candidates to use it (more on that in this post), but those kitties I usually see often (must establish them as being stable with their kidneys, body weight and other considerations).

Basically, you need a strong vet-client relationship to get the best out of that approach. I haven't run into side effects because I pre-exclude cats who shouldn't have it, put in safety factors for the kitty while using, and always use the lowest dose you can.


Dr. Kris