Q: I've accepted my lot in life as Crazy Cat Lady, but the cat isn't helping. My goal is to give him some fresh air and a chance to "hunt" the insects that come out at night. He's attached to a 10 lbs weight, so I know he's safe from the road, but that doesn't stop him from sitting on the driveway and staring at the neighbors house.

He just sits there and stares. I've started bringing him in when they go outside to smoke, because even I think he's a little creepy.

How can I get him more interested in having fun and less interested in sitting there?


Ha ha ha ha. I cannot tell you how much I loved seeing this photo. Stalking the smokers while attached to his 10lb weight.


Check out my friend’s Ingrid's videos on foraging and enrichment here:


There are awesome ideas there to stimulate is mind and body. Now it could be that he does all that and still creeps out your neighbours. Extra points if we put an ashtray and some rolled up catnip next to his 10lb weight….

Dr. Kris