My 20 year old cat has chronic renal failure. She gets 100ml of Sub Q's every day. About a month ago she stopped eating and drinking. I thought she was dying but she keeps bouncing back.

She seems to eat every second day and drinks water. She sleeps most of the day. Is wobbly and has no interest in any interactions. Usually, when I take this blind cat outside she sniffs around, but is no longer interested.

I am giving her arsenicum 30 C about twice a week. Is she dying? What else can I do.

She sits in this meatloaf position with her rump slightly raised. She is skin and bones.

There are normal things that can be are related that look worrying, but they are in fact ok:

I am a cat who is great grandma age - so expect me to sleep a lot, read my paper and drink my tea, stare at the youngsters and on great occasion show them how it’s done. My personality is still with me, but it is refined and appropriate to my age. So I might not want to play, but that’s because social time means something different to me now.   

And then signs that our body is in fact, tired.

We get tired on the inside. The rigors of a long life have caught up to us. When we get pushed by illness, it’s harder to push back, as we have run out of reserve.

From what you are describing, this kitty sounds tired. On the inside. But since we are only connected through the web, talk to the people you trust, including your vet. They can help you, because sometimes things feel conflicting and you need someone to help you sort things out.  Do it soon.

I never want to give up on a cat just because they are old.  

But I'm OK when their body says let me go. Because I’ve had a long life, I’ve experienced love, adventure, comfort and sunshine. It’s OK to let me go because we are all circles in the sand.