new Q&A!

So you dedicated cat people out there reading this blog have so much great things to say. I get the best emails from people - and you very often have better things to say than I do!

One person recently commented that it was a shame that I stopped going on a certain blog, because the comments I was providing was helping that group in general. And you know what? She is totally correct (thank you Henna)!

How can I fix this? Well, I get slammed in clinic during spring months, and then I play catch up in early summer. I try and do road trips with the kids.

road trip iwhyc-1.jpg

I'm spending time traveling to the aquarium, or to see some new places and cities!

And I've recently met a new friend - Dr. Michelle Lem, who founded the Community Veterinary Outreach ( She is doing some amazing work providing free care to both disadvantaged or homeless people and pets. And I get to help her!

community health outreach june 6 2015011.JPG
community health outreach june 6 2015021.JPG

And I'm gonna drink beer this summer. Beer belly be damned. Lets not forget that.

So I thought, I have been answering questions that come in by email via this website. What if I simply made these questions available to everyone? Because if one person has a question and is motivated to ask it, chances are, many other people will have the same question or concern! And I can answer then while on the run (or drinking beer).

So here it is. The Q&A:

Any question about your cat, veterinary medicine, or whatever. In 150 words. Send a picture of your cat so I can put a face to the answer if you would like (it’s nice but not required). I’ll do as many as I can. There are a few of you waiting for answers from me - you will find them there!


Dr. Kris